The Grove residences by Blackburne. The pool image includes the thermal bathhouse and cold plunge (the under cover ones). 
Then there is the poolside bbq and dining. 
The external photo with the arches is called the Brighton Building (5 storeys). 
The other external photo is just the main hero render of the The Grove Residences as a whole.

The Grove Residences in Claremont $300 million designs revealed by Paul Blackburne

Source: The West Australian

The upcoming The Grove Residences in Claremont — set to house WA’s most expensive penthouse — will be home to scores of baby boomers who felt lonely and isolated in big, empty homes on huge blocks, mostly in the western suburbs.

Developer Paul Blackburne said those baby boomers who had already bought into the 245-apartment complex longed for the sense of community such homes offered, even if they chose to get involved only occasionally.

He said even the gardens at the $300 million project would build community through its communal areas. With only 40 per cent of the 16,000sqm block used for buildings, the rest would be greenery all residents could share.

It includes a 1000sqm community garden where residents can work together to grow herbs, plants and flowers.

Some of the design concepts of the Airlie Street development hark to the backpacking days of Mr Blackburne’s youth.

He spent five years hitchhiking, motorbike riding and taking public transport across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Canada during his 20s, living on about $20 a day.

During this time he saw a different way of living and building communities. As his income grew, five-star resorts added to his catalogue of ideas.

Mr Blackburne, who is the founder and managing director of Blackburne Group, said he was just one of many people at the company involved in the concept.

But for his part, the 50-odd countries where he has lived and worked have influenced his contribution.

“Each culture I’ve lived in has some brilliant ideas that have really influenced the vision and design ideas I bring to each project,” he said.

“For example in the Middle East I loved the bathhouse or hammam concept. Not just for the health benefits and serenity that design brings but the sense of community these places create.”

At The Grove, two pools will be temperature controlled from 37C and 12C respectively. Both temperatures are linked to health benefits. Unlike a chlorinated spa, the water will contain beneficial salts and magnesium.

There will also be a third main pool with a regular temperature.

“The Japanese onsen (hot bath) is a similar concept. It’s relaxing and refreshing and we just don’t do it often in Australia. The health benefits are proven,” Mr Blackburne said.

The Grove’s arched walls around the pool are influenced by Moroccan bathhouses but the idea for private poolside cabanas surrounded by palm trees comes straight from Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The yoga room and some of the gardens are influenced by Asian design, the use of timber batons influenced by a gym he saw in Italy, and the onsite providore adds a European touch.

Platinum and penthouse apartments in the top half of the buildings, where prices start at $1.8m, have exclusive use of the rooftop cocktail lounge two days a week. It is open to the entire complex on other days.

There will be at least one penthouse, which will cost nearly $20m. But Mr Blackburne said there were seven potential designs, which could involve offering four pent-houses at this price.

Alternatively, it would be possible for a double storey penthouse to sell for $38m.