Our award-winning strata management services provide real peace of mind.

Blackburne is one of the largest and most experienced strata management companies in Perth, WA. Our reputation has been built on people who genuinely care about each complex they manage.

Head of Strata Management

Our professional Perth strata managers specialise in large and complex developments with extensive facilities and demanding management requirements. Our portfolio includes residential (small, medium, large and high rise), commercial, holiday accommodation and mixed-use schemes, covering not only the Perth metropolitan area but also regional centres.

Our comprehensive strata management services include completing all the administrative services on behalf of your scheme e.g. issue and manage levies, pay invoices following Council approval, liaise with contractors and updating the Strata Roll.

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Our experience

Our people receive regular industry-specific training, and to maintain meticulous attention to detail, they work to a documented Procedures Manual. If the decades of strata management experience in the Perth area have taught us anything, it’s that every complex is unique and has its own requirements. Our high level of expertise means we’re able to tailor a management solution to meet the individual needs of your complex.

Additional Information

For more comprehensive information on the services we provide, please see our dedicated webpage here.

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Current Owners

Please see ‘Our Team’ to obtain the contact details for your direct Strata Manager.

Our Awards

Blackburne is a member of the Strata Community Association of WA (SCA(WA)) and our team have extensive knowledge of the Strata Titles Act.

  • In the Strata Community Awards (WA) Awards 2017 we won the ‘Support Team Member of the Year’ award.
  • In 2016, our team was awarded Strata Management Business of the Year Finalist and Young Strata Manager of the Year.
  • Blackburne Strata Management also received several awards in 2015 including Strata Management Business of the Year Winner, Young Strata Manager of the Year Winner and Strata Manager of the Year Finalist.

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