Paul Blackburne’s leap of faith into Subiaco

Source: The West Australian

With more blind faith than a Dockers supporter, Blackburne Property Group’s Paul Blackburne has steered Subiaco back to the top of the ladder as the suburb continues its unstoppable winning streak.

Although there is no doubt his company’s $300 million 23-storey ONE Subiaco apartment tower has underpinned the long-suffering suburb’s remarkable comeback, it took a leap of faith to invest so much in an area that lost its mojo when it was stripped of its title as the home of footy.

“It used to be the place to go 20, 30 years ago and then it was just struggling and then it was even harder when we started construction,” he said.

“I knew it would come back eventually. Subiaco has changed so much since ONE has opened, it’s a good example of new development done well that can transform a town centre and bring life back to what was once a derelict eye sore.”

The Subiaco Hotel is now getting in on the action with a planned expansion.