Luxury apartment living at West Village

Source: Business News

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Great Australian Dream meant owning a quarter-acre block, complete with a weatherboard home and a Hills Hoist in the  backyard. But times have changed, and Australians are increasingly being drawn to the benefits of luxury apartment living.

Embracing the high life

Sparkling pools, cutting-edge gyms, and resort-style facilities, all within a stone’s throw of the best dining, shopping, and entertainment venues – it’s not hard to see why luxury apartment living has such a powerful allure.

Living in a luxury apartment means having easy access to all these things, without shouldering the entire burden of maintenance yourself. It allows you to secure your own slice of paradise, wherever that might be, and ensures you have more free time to enjoy it.

Harmonious luxury

At the heart of West Village Karrinyup is an authentic desire to build happy, healthy, and positive spaces for residents, offering certainty and calm in our ever-changing world. The exterior visuals are unobtrusive and cohesive, paying homage to the wild and natural backdrop, while an abundance of natural light gently warms apartment interiors.

Along with a pool, steam room, sauna, gymnasium and golf simulator, residents can entertain guests in the private dining room with chef’s kitchen, relax in the wine lounge, or enjoy a meal in the poolside alfresco area.

Karrinyup Shopping Centre is mere steps away, with its world-class eateries, gourmet groceries, high-end stores and state-of-the-art entertainment facilities. And of course, the entire development is enveloped by verdant parklands and reserves.

With a 7-star NaTHERs sustainability rating and a commitment to retaining tree cover and open space, West Village has been architecturally designed for longevity and durability, without compromising on aesthetics.

Alluring vistas

Picture this: your own private window to the world, showcasing breathtaking natural beauty. It could be the expanse of the ocean stretching as far as the eye can see, the tranquil lake views on the horizon, or a lush canopy of greenery. These views offer more than just a pretty sight; they provide a soul-soothing escape from the daily grind. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. These vistas aren’t just about aesthetics – they’re also a symbol of luxury and prestige. Living high above the world has its perks, from basking in the glow of natural light to relishing in a newfound sense of privacy.

A lifestyle like no other

Living in a prime location has other benefits, too. You might find you can walk or take public transport to work, saving you money and cutting your carbon footprint. It could motivate you to get out more and enjoy your surroundings, improving both your physical and mental health, or to engage in more community groups and activities.

Treading lightly and luxuriously

Apartment living is also a much more sustainable option, as it embraces the sharing economy – the way of the future. Sharing amenities, such as gyms and swimming pools, means we don’t have to give up the things we love in order to reduce our impact on the planet. We can still have our indulgences, while treading lightly on the natural world – and foster a wonderful sense of community and camaraderie in the process.

Taking our cue from overseas

Apartment life has been the norm in many cities across the US and Europe for decades – so why are we just waking up to the idea now? Well, unlike these high-density areas, we’ve always had plenty of room for urban sprawl, with new estates popping up further and further from the central business districts of our capital cities each year.

However, despite living on such an expansive continent, most Australian’s are fringe dwellers at heart. We love to be near the pristine ocean that hugs our coastline, and our sport, education, and entertainment centres are very much concentrated within our main city grids.

Why West Village?

Plenty of luxury apartment developments have five-star facilities on offer, but few can boast the breathtaking panoramic views that characterise West Village.

Gazing to the south west, over North Beach and Trigg to Rottnest Island, you’re surrounded but nature – indigenous vegetation, sand dunes, and walking trails that wind their way through the dense bushland.

Turn to the east, and you’ll spot Lake Gwelup and the Perth CBD – watch the sun rise over the Perth Hills as the city basks in a golden haze.

And to the north, it’s a spectacular see of green – Lake Karrinyup Country Club, Hamersley Golf Course, and Trigg Bushland Reserve. Unspoilt, awe-inspiring, and quintessentially West Australian.

A seamless synergy of city and suburb

West Village is a proudly park-orientated development, bringing the charm of the suburbs and the amenities of inner-city living together seamlessly, in a way that enhances and builds upon the existing landscape.

Throughout the design process there has been a focus on maximising frontage, to harness every ounce of natural light and ventilation. Taking inspiration from the backdrop of soft sand, crumbling limestone, and native flora, every fixture and finish has been carefully considered to hum in harmony with the seasons, and create an immersive, tactile experience. Textural timbers and natural stones reflect the symbiosis between parkland and ocean, just as West Village seeks to carve out a gentle relationship with its surroundings.

Brilliantly Blackburne

Residents enjoy ultra-large floorplans and high-quality materials in truly unique, immersive residences – underpinned by Blackburne’s impeccable record and reputation. Like all Blackburne projects, West Village is a marvel, from concept to completion.

Blackburne has received overwhelming interest on the project prior to its official launch on the 7th of October. This is largely due to limited supply of quality apartments and established homes currently available. To find out more, visit www.WestVillageKarrinyup.com.au