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Eating Out restaurant review: Subiaco Continental a confident & curated destination to draw you back to Subi

Source: Perth Now

When I first moved to Perth, with around $20 to my name most weeks after rent, one of my favourite activities was to wander the markets in Subiaco on a Sunday.

I’d purchase $3 worth of fried dhal bites as a special treat and, if I could afford it, a mango smoothie with extra honey.

Despite Subiaco previously going through a well-documented flop era, I’ve long held happy memories of the place (particularly as I haven’t found the glorious dhal morsels since). Now it seems people are starting to be drawn back in again.

There seems to be new spots popping up every week, the kind of food or wine venues that have you immediately adding them to your must-try list.

For me, one of these spots was Subiaco Continental after seeing it infiltrate my social media feed for weeks.

It sits on the ground level of the new One Subiaco building and it’s a stylish affair inside, with the kind of interiors that feel welcoming and not too fussy. Lovely bathrooms too.

We were seated inside, but after spending the 30-degree day in a cold office, we opted to soak up its final moments outside. The menu is a mix of snacks to enjoy with one of the many cocktails, plus starters, pasta, main plates, sides and there’s a seafood bar too.

Subiaco Continental, seasonal crudite plate ($16)
Subiaco Continental, seasonal crudite plate ($16) Credit: Instagram

As we were eating, my dining partner, who is vegan, noted that dill makes everything better. I couldn’t agree more and am overjoyed at it being used in the green oil (I’d like to use this on everything moving forward) swimming pool inside the dip on the seasonal crudite plate ($16).

There are also springs on the fish crudo ($21), adding freshness to fennel that has been pickled, another ingredient I’d love packaged like kimchi to add to meals. It’s a dish I’m happy to devour on my own.

Subiaco Continental, fish crudo ($21)
Subiaco Continental, fish crudo ($21) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

We shared some nicely charred spears of asparagus ($19) sitting on a tasty macadamia puree and scattered with more macadamias.

Despite my friend’s penchant for zero animal products, and mine for most of them, our preferences are surprisingly similar. As we raved about the potatoes ($13), which were crisp and perfectly cooked but in the need of a tad more salt, we discussed our love of a simple leaf salad coated in a tasty dressing.

Subiaco Continental, crispy potatoes, mixed leaf salad, crudite plate and fish crudo.
Subiaco Continental, crispy potatoes, mixed leaf salad, crudite plate and fish crudo. Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Hence the addition of the mix leaf salad with mustard dressing ($13) which was good, strangely a tad too salty, and according to the vegan didn’t reach the highs of her favourite (which is found at Corner Dairy in Doubleview).

While the dining experience didn’t cost me $3, it did cement Subiaco back in the happy memory bank and will hopefully do the same for fellow dill-loving diners.


10A Rokeby Road, Subiaco


Mon-Sat, 11.30am to late






A fantastic multifaceted and stylish new venue perfect for any occasion— a quick after-work drink or a long lunch with friends.