Cheap car loans – We’ve got you covered

Cheap car loans – We’ve got you covered

Getting a car loan has never been easier with AFG’s new offering available only through an AFG accredited mortgage broker.

Not only can we take the stress out of applying for your next car loan, it also comes with an enticingly attractive rate, starting at 5.69%.

The catch? There isn’t one! To qualify, you just need to be a home owner – with or without a mortgage – but the great news is, the property does not need to be used a security, you just need to own your own home.

In addition, your credit history has to be clear and the vehicle being purchased needs to be no older than a 2015 model. And that’s it.

For property owners with an older vehicle the rate increases to 7.04% and non-property owners still can qualify for consideration with the rates available being 8.08% and 10.55% respectively, dependant on the age of the vehicle being purchased.

All you need to do is let your Blackburne Mortgage Broker know that you want to take advantage of this great deal and they will be able to facilitate the application with AFG and in no time you can have your new car.

Don’t waste time messing around with car yards or trying to get a personal loan at the bank, your broker can do all the work for you for the fraction of the price. Just another way we serve you better!

To find out more or to start a loan application, call Blackburne Mortgage Broking on +61 8 9429 5794 and ask to speak to Paul Prindiville, Mortgage Broking Team Leader, or complete the enquiry form below.

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