Cambridge approves City Beach sale to Blackburne

Source: Business News

The Town of Cambridge is set to sell Ocean Village Shopping Centre car park to developer Blackburne for $8.9 million after councillors approved the transaction during a volatile meeting.

Cambridge councillors approved the subdivision and sale of town-owned Ocean Village Local Centre on Brompton Road, City Beach, at its meeting on Tuesday.

The property disposal comprises two portions of land excised from Lot 241 Brompton Road, City Beach and includes the West and East car parks, which combined covers 3,687 square metres of land.

At the meeting, Blackburne developments director Matthew Chau said the development would bring in nearly $13 million to the town over 10 years.

A handful of residents have expressed their concerns over the town’s plan to sell the land to Blackburne at the council meeting, with an attendee shouting over Mr Chau‘s presentation.

Town of Cambridge mayor Keri Shannon briefly adjourned the meeting and security escorted the attendee out of the building when he refused to stop yelling.

Mr Chau said a lot of work would need to be done before a development application could be compiled, including further consultation with the town and Main Roads.

“If we proceed tonight, we might proceed with a development application,” he said at the meeting.

Ms Shannon said the town had been in the process of selling the property for the past three years.

“I think everyone within the community that I’ve spoken to is looking forward to a new shopping centre, the revitalisation of this centre and new residents moving in, having a completely different housing choice in City Beach to other places,” she said at the meeting.

“The likelihood is it’s going to be about 60 per cent of our own downsizers that will move into apartments that are going to be at the shopping centres.”

Public submissions to the proposed transaction during the consultation period were mostly supportive of the site being sold to Blackburne, with many describing the existing shopping centre as dilapidated and an eyesore.

Business News previously confirmed that Blackburne bought the company that owned the 3 Kilpa Court complex, Ocean Village Shopping Centre Pty Ltd, which was known as Pindan Capital Ocean Village Pty Ltd until May last year.